"Definitely, those who have stolen the common wealth of our people can afford to throw money around. But the ultimate destination is that the masses clearly know the people who understand their plight and are ready to bring the long needed change.

"The scenario can be likened to two cars; one exotic and the other, just a regular car. If the destination is Lokoja for instance and the base is Abuja, a regular common car like Toyota Calmery popularly known as muscle can easily be fixed by any roadside Mechanic and the journey continues. But exotic cars like Rolls Royce or Lamborghini will certainly not get to Lokoja, the destination for lack of availability of experts to fix the car.

"APDA is like that regular, everyday utility car that will deliver the goods to our people. We are with the people at the grassroots and therefore understand what their major concerns are.

"But for these other old political parties, they do not have anything new to offer our people again. If I serve in a political party where my people, my community and even myself cannot boast of any government benefits, is it not an adventure in folly and futility to continue to thread along that unfruitful path? He questioned.

He therefore encouraged the aspirants to be strongly driven by the passion to serve so that collectively they could rescue Kogi East out of its current underdevelopment through effective and action-oriented legislation.

Highlights of the meeting were the planned Ayangba invasion which is expected to hold soon and the inauguration of some pending local government party executives.

By Enejoh Solomon, Abuja.



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